Cut & Style for Men

Men Haircut $17: 
Regular men haircut .

Clipper Cut /Taper Cut $17:
Clippers are most often used in men's hair cutting. They give you a blunt edge and a defined,masculine look.

Boys Haircut $12: 
Personal Consultation with parent/guardian, follows a pleasant haircut and blow out.  Kids feel elegant and cared for.

Flat Top $18:
Classic, old school flat top, ideal for military, sport men and law enforcement.

Shape UP $10 - $12:
Just shaping up the front sides and back area, no fade just a using the small clippers to shape it  up and getting those tight sideburns.

Beard Trim $8
We trim your beard using clippers and scissors to give it a natural look and freshen up the neck/hairline between cuts.

Razor Shave $12:
Our straight razor shave uses time-honored techniques, including hot and cold towel service, hot lather and a carefully-selected regimen of classic and contemporary shave products.

Mustache $5: 
Polish your overall appearance. We trim away stray hairs and give you a close shave around your mustache.

Shampoo $3: 
Shampooing, conditioning and hair styling with a blow dryer and round or paddle brush for a voluminous, polished look.

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